Wallet update, please do not make transactions


Dear EMC2  holders,

On 10/17/18 Einsteinium network experienced a real 51% attack. Komodo dPoW, that we implemented in our code recently, kicked in and protected the chain. We are very pleased that this solution worked well and that Einsteinium chain is protected from any attacks in the future.

IMPORTANT: At this point please do not make any EMC2 transactions until the new EMC2 Lightsaber wallet is fully deployed to the field (Poloniex is still running old wallet version).

We are working and helping all major participators to upgrade to the new version. If you need any assistance please contact us at: developer@emc2.foundation

Since dPoW implementation into EMC2 is complete and well tested we will release new wallet (Lightsaber) builds and tutorial in next 24~48 hours on our official website www.emc2.foundation.

WeeeeCash deposits/withdrawals and registration has been temporarily frozen for necessary upgrade to the new wallet version.

Meanwhile we urge all miners and exchanges that are still running old wallet version (0.13.48) to upgrade to the latest (0.13.5). Code is available in “master” branch on our github: https://github.com/emc2foundation/einsteinium

If you are miner please make sure that you are mining on pools that are running latest wallet version (0.13.5) or your rewarded coins will not be spendable on exchanges.

-EMC2 Dev Team



Lightning network payments are now available on Einsteinium main net!

Einsteinium official Lightning nodes are deployed and active.

Client downloads and tutorial of how to set up an EMC2 Lightning Node are available at: https://www.emc2.foundation/lightning 

We will continuously work to upgrade existing lightning network and release new apps and tools in order to bring closer this kind of fast payments to developers and our users.

EMC2 Lightning Network GUI wallet, explorer, EMC2 LN apps and many more are still to come.

If you need any help with setting up EMC2 Lightning node or you encounter any other issue feel free to contact us via form on the contact page here or send us an email to developer@emc2.foundation we will be more than happy to assist.

EMC2Me Progress update


Researching EMC2 Crowd Founding Platform. - Done
Implementing user login and registration. - Done
Implementing "forgot password" mechanism. - Done
Implementing 2 factor authentication. - Done
Implementing user profile editing. - Done
Implementing user info on profile view. - Done
Implementing image and video upload mechanism. - Done
Implementing project preview component. - Done
Implementing Browse by Category component and projects list component. - Done
Implementing projects search. - Done
Implementing projects started list on user profile view. - Done
Implementing display of project cover image / video, information about project funding and short info about the project in overview tab on project view page. - Done
Implementing display of project budget in overview tab on project view page. - Done
Implementing display of project timeline in overview tab on project view page. - Done
Implementing display of project team members in overview tab on project view page. - Done

Implementing display of project details and attachments in project details and attachment tabs on project view page. - In progress
Implementing backing project in overview tab on project view page. - In progress
Implementing lab notes in lab notes tab on project view page. - In progress
Implementing discussion in discussion tab on project view page. - In progress
Implementing backed projects list on user profile view. - In progress
Implementing lab notes list on user profile view. - In progress
Implementing comments on user profile view. - In progress
Implementing project creation. - In progress
Implementing control panel for web site administration - In progress


Final testing.

Update on algo change

EMC2 Algo change update

1. Researching Ethash (concept and implementation) - Done

2. Implementing Ethash in Einsteinium core. - Done

In this stage, Ethash algorithm was rewritten from original implementation of Ethereum.

3. Implementing changes in block structure. - Done

Ethash demands some attributes in block header that do not exist in current Einsteinium version. Also, adding those attributes will help in next stage.

4. Implementing algo version conditions - Done

In order to use existing genesis and create hardfork, it was needed to create condition that will check block number and swich algo.

5. Testing block broadcast. – In progress

Functions that verify broadcasted blocks need to be updated…

6. Implementing changes in existing EMC2 stratum. – In progress

Current implementation of Stratum protocol cannot handle new attributes in block structure and API calls.

We are making the progress with ETH hash, but we do not exclude possibility to implement some other good algo, or even multi algo scenario. It would be core devs call.


New Mac and Linux wallet builds

Since previous build of Excalibur Mac Wallet wasn’t compatible with Mac OS Sierra, we published new one which is. New build for linux is also published with the static boost libraries.

Both of them can be downloaded from wallet page: www.emc2.foundation/wallet

Users that already have working version of Excalibur wallet doesn’t need to switch to the new ones.