Funding the future with the future of currency


Introducing MIL coin. A brand new evolution of philanthropic spending. 1:3 distribution for EMC2 holders.



We believe transparency creates better fundraising systems. By reducing waste and eliminating corruption, Einsteinium will enable the global community to efficiently and securely support scientific research, charitable and political causes, as well as education and IT.

Open source

As a member of the Bitcoin family, we are committed to the open source world and improvement of core code functionalities. We believe in the transformative power of open source to eliminate income inequality, destroy corruption, break down barriers and build global communities.


A core value of the Einsteinium Foundation is education. We are dedicated to sharing our ideas openly with others. One of our most vital goals is to increase knowledge and awareness and to support new talents in the blockchain ecosystem. We welcome all to participate in building a better future.



The Einsteinium Foundation's mission is utilize blockchain technology to generate funds for scientific research. There are two ways this is accomplished. The first is through a mining tax which creates a pool of funds providing grants to deserving applicants. The second is maintaining a currency which allows for a more transparent and trustful way to support causes. Einsteinium coin is designed to reduce waste and eradicate corruption where it is needed most: charity and politics.

We recently integrated crowd funding into the process. This enables us to raise awareness for more projects and causes, our coin, our sponsor items, and the benefits of cryptocurrency to a wider audience.

So far the Foundation has contributed 16M of EMC2 coins for science projects.


Finally, we hope to unite the world by building a community of givers, who seek to make the world better through honesty and compassion. Einsteinium is a community coin, meaning that governance is democratized and ownership is decentralized. 





Full Roadmap available on Trello board!

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The Cryptocurrency

Einsteinium is a digital currency which uses an immutable, decentralized open ledger called a blockchain to ensure security and transparency for all.

The specification

Einsteinium runs on the Proof-Of-Work scrypt algorithm. The total amount coins that will be in circulation after the mining is 245 million coins.


EMC2 was released on march 1st of 2014 as ZERO pre-mine, MINEABLE, COMMUNITY COIN!


EMC2 has activated SegWit on the network, lightning network second layer protocol and 1 minute block time all of this making transactions fast and reducing blockchain size.


EMC2 implemented dPoW security mechanism into its core making it 51% attack resistant. Our wallets use up to date encryption and private keys are stored only on your machine.


EMC2 is openly traded and mined across the globe. Foundation does not control assets in any way, your coins belong just to you!

EMC2 Wallets


Your EMC2 coins anytime, anywhere.
Download wallet for desktop, laptop or your mobile phone and store EMC2 coins securely on the device of your choice.

Although storing coins on most top exchanges is pretty safe, storing coins on wallet is so far most secure way since only you will have access and control over them.

Latest wallet version is 0.13.5 - Lightsaber. Check wallets page for more info.

Make sure you have a backup of your existing wallet before starting the new one.


On the following exchanges you can buy or sell EMC2 coins for fiat or other cryptocurrencies:

EMC2 For Developers

For Developers

If you are looking to integrate EMC2 into your platform and you need access to API or SDK send us a message to: developer@emc2.foundation

Also check out wallet source code on Github .
Everyone is more than welcome to contribute!

If you are looking to set up an EMC2 Lighting network node you can find more info on the Lightning page.

For any other info, just contact us and we will be more than happy to provide assistance!

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Please join our Telegram, Discord, or follow us on Twitter. We are most active on telegram (t.me/Emc2_official) so we encourage you to join us there! You can get up to the minute information, share your ideas and perspectives, get direct answers to all your questions, and get to know those who are most directly involved with EMC2.
We recently launched forum www.emc2.cafe. Check it out!

Please note that joining slack channel is currently disabled due to big number of invites.