Luckily for Einsteinium (EMC2), we were forced to leave Cryptopia on Jan 4th on 'First Come First Serve' basis.

EMC2 51% attack on Cryptopia started on September 23rd and lasted for 10 days!
We offered reimbursement for initial wave, but it did not work out, as Cryptopia has requested full amount of 10 days of hacking which was close to 2 Millions of EMC2.
Here is our statement on that

FYI EMC2 implemented Komodo's Delayed Proof of Work and is now 51% attack resistant.

We all know what Cryptopia is, and that big number of coins they carry represents vulnerability, but they've been playing important part in crypto ecosystem, motherly maintaining all those coins. They also have great native UI which was fun to use, very comfortable. 

It is unfortunate what happened, but keep in mind that some big exchanges went through the same.
If they manage to come back, they will come stronger and better. It is part of growing process.

We wish them all the best.