EMC2 FORK update

Matija Mitic, core developer:

’After almost a year of, on and off, work on FORKING EMC2 into GPU friendly chain, Ethash Algo combined with Einsteinium Core is now stable project. Major vulnerabilities and minor bugs are removed and wallet is proved to be resistant on malicious attacks related with algo change.

Team was analyzing different possible solutions for mining pool implementation. Combination of well proved algo such as Ethash and stable, long term project such as EMC2, involved some new implementation difficulties. Einsteinium is Bitcoin like project that uses different block structure unlike Ethereum. New attributes are added to original block structure in order to support Ethash algo. In similar way, existing Ethereum Stratum pool is modified to work with EMC2 RPC API and vice versa. New stratum pool proved proof of concept and support multiple types of workers that use Ethminer, but still requires testing with various ranges of hash power with coin difficulty monitoring.

Adding new attributes into original block structure requires EMC2 chain replication in order to keep funds to original users wallets. Team is now working on this delicate piece of code that will converts original EMC2 chain into new one, that will be used for new coin.

Analysis of the previous problems with Wormhole feature, shows it’s main disadvantages which is the main reason why this feature was excluded from EMC2. But Wormhole was a very strong idea of rewarding loyal miners which should not be excluded. With Komodo support, already tested dPoW and some changes into block reward implementation, great Wormhole will be back again! Developers are now working on new implementation which will combine good old features with some major improvements.

At the end of preparing new coin, it’s needed to perform some regular fork changes into wallet implementations that will make new coin unique in a crypto world, regardless of some major and already unique changes described here.’

Full EMC2 FORK 'Blue Paper' and Timelines to be release on March 14th, Einstein's birthday.