On the following links you can download our new, updated wallets for windows(x64) and mac:

For 32-bit version of windows download this wallet.

Make sure you have a backup of your existing wallet before starting the new one.


To store, send and recieve emc2 on android device download Coinomi wallet here:

When downloading the Wallets, you can verify the authenticity with http://onlinemd5.com/

  • For Windows: C863678578B0FC430EC99CA476D0E020
  • For Windows x64: BE228233C610A50E25CCB7F30FB3BFF7
  • For IOS wallet: 087971BD2C33823B7E69BFA426FAF0FA

For faster synchronization use snapshot of EMC2 blockchain: 

If you need any help feel free to contact us, via slack or contact form on home page.

If you want to support future development please donate to the following addresses:

EMC2: EQgarWNx3e9hrH3PmFXPWty2qWvprm53hN


To help with funding scientific projects donate to the following address:

EMC2: EKnqTC9XEuucZEhD3miDGnbJxBptcxhByA