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Fresh New Wallets Coming

EMC2 has released new wallets for both Mac OSX and Windows.

This release is significant as it is the first major update since 2014, and the first by the new development team!

The wallet update addresses issues such as the seeder, and various bugs fixes in the old code.

Testnet has also been implemented. Developers and cloud contributors can simply add the -testnet start option and there we go.

With new wallets released, a working test net and constantly increasing number of nodes, we can confidently say we have accomplished the second step in our road map, which is taking care of the infrastructure. These are the first of many improvements you can expect from the team in the coming months.

Shortly we are releasing further updates:

  • A quick facelift for improvement of user experience.
  • Furthermore a rebase to the latest safety and security standards based on latest Litecoin software core.
  • SegWit implementation on nodes signing from early autumn, hot switch automated by December.
  • The already announced Surprise.

It has been a tremendous effort from the new team in a very short time. We are excited to show the crypto-community that EMC2 is back, and to thank everyone who has supported us along to the way.

Download updated wallets →
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SegWit support

Einsteinium (EMC2) has implemented Segmented Witness (SegWit) support on the new stratum! Updating nodes will start Signing, network and blockchain are ready.

Even after three years of EMC2 code being somewhat neglected, we were able to accomplish the implementation with just a soft fork. Mining servers are currently running the code and Signing is already accepted throughout the network. The hot switching target is August/September 2017.

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Einsteinium Mining is Better with Friends

Since the relaunch of Einsteinium we have had tremendous support from the mining community and we really appreciate the added value that you bring to the project. For those looking to join a pool in order to maximize their mining returns, please check out the mining pool option below.

  • Location: Germany
  • Maintenance: PM-Tech with kind assistance from Hyper
  • Uplink: 2 Gbit/s
  • Base Hashpower 550 MH/s provided by PM-Tech
  • Current Pool Hashrate: 2.308 MH/s
  • Optimised for the newest generation of ASIC miners
  • Total blocks mined: 38.000
  • Total EMC2 generated: 450.767
  • Registered Users: 84

Join the Pool →
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The Many Flavors of ROKOS

Keep your EMC2 secure with ROKOS Flavors. ROKOS Flavors is an OS for Raspberry Pi and other IoT devices, specifically designed to hold and run your Altcoin wallets. Running your wallets on a separate device reduces the security risks, and it’s perfect if you want to keep your EMC2 with you as you travel.

Check Out ROKOS Flavors →
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Emc2 Blog

Just recently we launched our EMC2 Blog, where Eric Calder, creator of Vertex platform, writes about blockchain. Please visit and check out the latest articles below.

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Coming Next

Insights into emc2 crowdfunding platform, mobile wallets, API , web store ...

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