Who missed Bitcoin and wants to start over again?

Wo miseed bitcoin - EMC2 Blog Image

no one has missed bitcoin. it’s still there and if you want to buy it, you can. that some may have missed the rise in price over the last X months, sure, but that is not reason to miss the rise in price over the coming Y months and years

anyone looking at bitcoin at USD 1,600 today thinking it’s gone as far as it’s going to go fails to understand the staggering social change it represents, the minute impact it’s had so far, and thus the amazing potential that remains to materialise

another way of saying this is: you can always say to yourself you “missed” bitcoin. I thought so when it was $200/coin and there will be people that think so when it sells for $20,000/coin. but no matter at which point, they’ll still be wrong. there’s a point at which measuring bitcoin in terms of US dollars or Euro is no longer significant and if you didn’t get in by that time, you’ll have just squandered whatever wealth you have that you could have put into BTC

erick calder