EMC2 Hard Fork date set in stone

EMC2 has been ready for Hard Fork for more than two weeks now. But since we were trying to fork Wormhole out everyone had to update at the same epoche, in between two Wormholes.

We tried to do it sooner in two attempts, to loop with everyone involved, but in practice some businesses move faster than others, and such approach might appear as not what community wants. We have shown flexibility, it is time to show strong will.


So we decided to set Hard Fork date in stone, but to give enough time to the world to prepare. Here we are:

Target HF Block: 1699157

Approximate HF date: 2017/12/7

Countdown: http://hfcountdown.emc2.foundation/

Please update your EMC2 nodes with our new code, that can be found on our official GitHub repo:

GitHub: https://github.com/emc2foundation/einsteinium

Branch: master_EMC2_HardFork (default)

Wallet version:

Pool operators, exchanges and other businesses are notified, and some already performed update.

Wallets will be available for download at the beginning of the next week.
Newsletters are at the door.

Team is focused now on EMC2 applications, and will give update on that in coming days.

Thank you for your patience,

Emc2 Dev Team