Resolving Bittrex issue

Bittrex users may notice the warning ”EMC2 blockchain experienced a double spend attack. We are working with the development team on a fix.”

The issue concerns the case of a block that reversed a transaction.  No funds were lost and the originator of the transaction simply had his/her funds returned to them, but the transaction was orphaned.  The optimal solution is currently under debate but seems to be the increase of hashing power on the the network (Bittrex representatives concur with this approach).  

The Einsteinium Foundation and all relevant members in the community are committed to ensuring the safety of the network and its operations and are intensifying efforts to increase hashpower.  Additionally, discussions are ongoing in terms of the future growth of the coin, particularly with respect to the requisite increases in hashpower as the price rises and financial incentives grows to attack the network.

If you would like further details on the issue, please feel free to join our Slack.