Weeee is the world’s first active blockchain P2P Mobile Wallet, Powered by EMC2. Send digital gifts and money to anyone in the world instantly.

The first release (for Android) is now available on Weeee.io

As a special thank you to our EMC2 community, the first 1000 Users to load their EMC2 wallets with 100 EMC2 or more will receive 10 free EMC2 coins! Don’t worry iPhone users, once the iOS version is complete, you get the same offer!



The Weeee app is intended to be used as a mobile wallet and therefore we recommend not transferring more EMC2 than you would carry on your person in your local currency. Our suggested maximum is 1000 EMC2, although there is no limit to the amount the wallet can contain.

As this is an initial release, there may be some issues and features that are not fully functional. If you encounter any problems, please don’t hesitate to reach out.



Thank you for all your continued support.



-The EMC2 team.