Maxeler, Solely Local Networks, Belgrade Stock Exchange, Energy Sector

Happy Friday everyone!

As a recap for the past week, and to keep the community up to date on our progress, we are continuing to address the Bittrex warning issue with a resolution imminent

Also, as I previously mentioned, this weekend we meet with Mike (PM-Tech) who is making the 8 hour drive into Belgrade from Austria.  We are grateful that Mike is making this effort and are looking forward to resolving our differences in a civilised and expeditious manner to the benefit of the community

In parallel, the Foundation continues to pursue its business development agenda, which is beginning to bear fruit

During our visit to Belgrade we will also be meeting with Maxeler (, introduced to us by our host there, Dusan Milutinovic.  Dusan served for 5 years as CFO of Hemofarm, a pharmaceutical company with $250M in revenue and 2,484 employees

The meeting will serve to explore Maxeler’s computing technology solutions for a possible fit in scaling our network’s mining capacity.  Should everything go according to plan it should come as no surprise if in a year hashpower has increased a 100-fold.  Should interest prove mutual, as Maxeler has indicated interest in becoming involved in the crypto markets, I will fly in August to London, along with Alex (Varvarin), Dusan and Veljko Milutinovic, to meet with the company

Addtionally, a meeting with Pedja Andrijasevic, CTO and co-owner of Solely Local Networks Inc (, has been set up.  A Canadian company currently estimated at $110M, Solely is currently preparing for a public offering in September.  Pedja and I met last month and he is very interested in Einsteinium, particularly with regards to a big loyalty programme Solely is about to release

A meeting with the Belgrade Stock Exchange has also been set.  The exchange has taken an active trading position in Einsteinium and will likely become a channel for institutional funds into the coin in the mid term

Finally, a deal is currently being brokered with a payment scheduling provider to support EMC2.  The vendor’s application supports the development of arbitrarily complex payment workflows and will be transformed into an Einsteinium super-wallet, a first-of-breed product.  The proposal also includes negotiations with a company currently making retail bitcoin sales via credit cards.  Combined, the solution will represent a significant on-ramp for Einsteinium ownership in the public sector.  This will likely be the first project I recommend for our crowdfunding platform and it is so important that I’m currently exploring options to launch the software even before the platform is ready.  The software has been in development for 3 years and is almost ready

We are also meeting with people from the energy business - a group of small power plant owners. It should be obvious that access to cheap or zero-cost energy is important to us

Accompanying us will be Danielle Sremac, Vlada (Mr.Enigmatic) and a few other members from the marketing side.
Varvarin is coming here next week, and I will be very happy to see him too

All the best,

Malden Trifunovic