Update on algo change

EMC2 Algo change update

1. Researching Ethash (concept and implementation) - Done

2. Implementing Ethash in Einsteinium core. - Done

In this stage, Ethash algorithm was rewritten from original implementation of Ethereum.

3. Implementing changes in block structure. - Done

Ethash demands some attributes in block header that do not exist in current Einsteinium version. Also, adding those attributes will help in next stage.

4. Implementing algo version conditions - Done

In order to use existing genesis and create hardfork, it was needed to create condition that will check block number and swich algo.

5. Testing block broadcast. – In progress

Functions that verify broadcasted blocks need to be updated…

6. Implementing changes in existing EMC2 stratum. – In progress

Current implementation of Stratum protocol cannot handle new attributes in block structure and API calls.

We are making the progress with ETH hash, but we do not exclude possibility to implement some other good algo, or even multi algo scenario. It would be core devs call.