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Mil Coin Blue Paper Image

Mil Coin Blue Paper Released

Fork Summary:

  • MIL Coin is a fork of Einsteinium in 1:3 ratio
    For every one (1) EMC2, three (3) MIL will be distributed
  • Target EMC2 snapshot block is 2402717
  • June 1st is out approximate target date
    Please note that it is calculated and may be shifted due to fluctuation in block time.
  • The max supply of MIL will not exceed 2.7 Billion
  • The total supply of EMC2 will not change and the Einsteinium Foundation will continue to develop and maintain EMC2 in addition to MIL coin
  • MIL contains elements of LTC, ETH and EMC2
  • MIL is GPU Friendly and implements ETHalgo, KMD dPoW, Wormhole, SegWit and DigiShield
  • Mimblewimble will come as the first upgrade (soft fork) after our initial MIL release
  • The genesis block will be mined by the Foundation for the purpose of securing funds for the Einsteinium Awards program - as well as foundation expenses; including coin development, maintenance, marketing, bounties and other associated costs
  • Coin distribution will occur in the very next blocks following genesis creation
  • Source code will be published after coin distribution

EMC2 Block Halving Image

March 25 - EMC2 Block Reward Halving

The Next Einsteinium block mining reward halves on block number 2,304,001.

Reward-Drop ETA date: 25 Mar 2019 04:12:15

The coin reward will decrease from 4 to 2 coins.

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Emc2Me Crowdfunding Platform Image

April 12th - EMC2Me.io Full release

EMC2Me.io beta was released on Jan 31st

We are still in the process of cleaning up a few items to make it fully functional and ready for public use.

Many projects face administrative and thus methodological conditioning when it comes to funding. Those rules come from funding sources and entities, and more often than not, they are not in service of bringing the real progress and benefiting the people, but to keep the status quo.

They follow the required methodologies for sure effect in research final results, outcomes and conclusions. It is much more profitable selling lifetime medications than curing people. Examples provided: Goldman Sachs; Cure for Cancer; Severity of Illness and Profitability

Think of the diabetes market or similar cases for example:
There is also a long list of inventions that were patented but never manufactured (who wants to sell light bulb that lasts for 10k hours?). Finally there are legal frames, many rich countries do not allow certain type of researches either because of strong lobbyist or people believe that certain areas shouldn't be touched and researched heavily relying upon a profit-motive.

Life always finds its way...

We have technology now in our hands that can help us get organized, and creative on a global scale, to overcome those challenges and to bring more freedom to science which is our future, and more fairness to the world.

Einsteinium Crowdfunding platform EMC2ME is tool built on top of that technology. Initially it will be released and will target the scientific crowd. Once established, further penetration into other markets like entertainment, charitable foundations, political organizations or integrating more (partnering) coins into the process to provide better.

This is big and and far-reaching, but it is not just a software module we are developing. Along with other apps, Einsteinium is building an ecosystem where crypto reaches beyond its blockchain, serves real needs and real people, and finds its true value.

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EMC2 In Crypto Idle Miner Game Image

Crypto Idle Miner Game

Just because we love science doesn’t mean we can’t have fun!
We are proud to announce our latest partnership with Hora Games! EMC2 will be featured in their newest game, Crypto Idle Miner. We had a chance to test it out and we can't wait for everyone to get to experience it. We anticipate doing many promotions with Hora down the line as this is sure to be a big hit. It is set to be released in the Google Play store on march 20th. Game is also sent to Apple Store and waiting on approval.

Lightsaber with KMD dPoW Image

EMC2 and Komodo - 51% attack resistance (follow up)

As the latest events remind us, the best way to secure your coins is to keep them on your QT wallet and keys (backed up) with you in cold storage. If your coins happen to be on an exchange, the latest EMC2 Wallet comes with major core update that protects the coin against 51% attacks. This protection is called Komodo Delayed Proof of Work and is well tested already! Check it out.

Make sure you have the right weapon of choice for battles to come.

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Einsteinium Awards Image

Einsteinium Awards - first of its kind

January 2019 - The Einsteinium Foundation (EMC2) is proud to announce the finalists for the first annual Einsteinium Awards. This year's winners are:
- Minh Thang “Harry” Hoang - McGill University
- Michael Sayre - Global Cell Med

To read full announcement click here.

With MIL coin in place, Einsteinium Awarding will achieve its full strength.
Full details in the MIL Blue Paper are available here: www.emc2.foundation/mil

EMC2 Team growing up Image

EMC2 Team growing up

We are happy to see our team is expanding slowly but surely. You are welcome to stop by our social channels and get to know them personally.

emc2.foundation/team →
EMC2 Discord Image

EMC2 Discord

Einsteinium Foundation has decided to switch to Discord as our main communication tool. It is very important to have your account there. If you have not opened it yet, please join us.

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EMC2 Kakao Talk Image

New Channel for Korean Community

New channel in return for the love of Korean EMC2 fans.
We will promote the technological value and science supporting vision of EMC2, sharing news and updates directly to Korean users.
EMC2 will maintain close relations with the Korean exchanges, and will continue to enhance the accessibility of Korean users and reflect the opinions of members of the Korean community.
Please keep an eye on, Thank you.

안녕하세요. 한국 커뮤니티 회원 여러분,
아인스타이늄은 한국 팬 분들의 많은 사랑과 관심에 보답하고자 정식으로 한국 커뮤니티 운영을 시작합니다.
아인스타이늄의 기술적 가치와 비전을 널리 알리고, 그 어떤 채널보다도 빠르게 정보 소식등을 공유하며 건설적인 커뮤니티를 위해 노력하겠습니다.
아인스타이늄은 앞으로도 한국 거래소들과 긴밀한 관계를 유지하며, 지속적으로 여러부분에서의 한글화를 통해 한국 유저분들의 접근성을 높이고 한국 커뮤니티 회원 여러분들의 의견 사항을 적극 반영하겠습니다.
지켜봐 주세요. 감사합니다.

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EMC2 On Blockfolio Signal Image

EMC2 On Blockfolio Signal

If you have not done so already, download Blockfolio mobile app and watch for EMC2 updates.

EMC2 Coming Next Image

Coming Next

Roadmap - While we are working on updating the Roadmap, all feedback on our redesigned foundation website is highly appreciated. Send us your toughts on hey@emc2.foundation.

We are excited to let the second big half of the mobile population use the funniest and most useful mobile wallet out there - Weeee Cash for iOS. Code base is ready. EMC2’s busy team is looking to squeeze that task called release into the pipeline and just do it. Most likely we will be able to see the release details in next instance of the newsletter.We are very serious and proud of the app. Many more features are coming and we are also open to support more friendly/partnering coin projects. Coin devs interested in partnership can contact us at business@emc2.foundation

Donate and watch your coin grow

Donate and watch your coin grow

Einsteinium Foundation is taking steps to keep the practice of listing coins on good exchanges.
EMC2 is an old, secure, mineable and zero pre-mined community coin.
This coin appreciates your attention and welcomes your talents.

EMC2 to: EcDNfF9PFX6zqceY1hTSDcMspyAyhqeow9
BTC to: 1DZ8kP136TSA3or69iesvFgfDsycyHQseM

Come and work with us. Contact us via form on the website emc2.foundation/contact or send an email to hey@emc2.foundation

Check twitter, facebook, telegram or visit our Website

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Einsteinium Foundation 2019

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