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Upcoming Hard Forks

EMC2 is going through two hard forks:

First - release of a major security upgrade implementing Komodo’s dPoW Security System.

Second - release of a new GPU mineable coin.

More about both of them in following articles.

MC2 Major Security Upgrade Image

Major Security Upgrade
From Excalibur to Lightsaber

Firstly, we want to address a large concern expressed by our community. In August, the Einsteinium network experienced fluctuations in hash power which resulted in a number of orphaned blocks. Such activity might be harmful for the chain as some transactions are rolled back. Exchanges temporarily disabled withdrawals and deposits as precaution. We apologize for any distress or inconvenience caused by this, but we responded promptly and situation is under control.

To help ensure permanent solution to this kind of challenges, the Einsteinium core team is developing New Wallet (Lightsaber) that will implement mechanisms to prevent such attacks in the future.

We have chosen Komodo’s Delayed Proof Of Work (dPoW) as the solution. It increases security tremendously. Using it, every N-th Einsteinium block will be recorded in Bitcoin’s chain and remain there permanently. Those blocks will act as the guardians for the whole EMC2 network.

This is high priority for the team and we are looking to releasing it as soon as the code changes are done.

We know that there is growing excitement within the community about the new coin that will contain a new algorithm and will be GPU mineable. It will also contain a major security upgrade that we are implementing now into the EMC2.

In order to have a proper new coin launch, current EMC2 wallets need to be fully functional on all exchanges and deposits and withdrawals enabled, which means Lightsaber has to be released first.

Without it, only a small portion of the community holding Einsteinium on desktop (QT) wallets will be able to claim the new coin. The Einsteinium team wants to ensure everyone has the opportunity to participate in this exciting momentum.

Eew Coin - Hard Fork - Algo Change Image

New Coin - Hard Fork - Algo Change

The originally planned EMC2 hard fork which will integrate a new GPU mineable coin with ETHash algo will take place after Lightsaber release.

The code is ready. The final tests will be performed at the beginning of November.

The new coin will be in 1:N relation to EMC2.

EMC2 team is looking to create an airdrop site that will help users to claim and obtain the new coin.

The new coin will be used in all applications built by the EMC2 foundation, alliance and partners.

We will put extensive effort to list coin on exchanges.

IMPORTANT: EMC2 blockchain will stay the main focus of Einsteinium Foundation and core team will continue maintenance, improvements, and development. The new coin is cutting edge tool and forefront of the development.

Emc2Me Crowdfunding Platform Image

Emc2Me Crowdfunding Platform

While the Core team is busy working on the upcoming hard fork and increasing network security, application developers are in the home stretch towards rolling out the long awaited Einsteinium crowdfunding platform to a state of completion.

Target release date is September 28th.

While there is no content prepared for the platform yet, we are in touch and working with several entities willing to participate. We want to encourage our whole community to participate in finding promising projects for this endeavor. After all, the entire ecosystem of Einsteinium relies on our communities ability to grow awareness and support the cause of promoting science and philanthropy.

The first release will be fully functional, enabling users to publish projects and ideas that they are working on, present video materials and other documents, communicate with the public via a specialized forum, and increase their base followers.

If this model proves to be successful, Emc2Me will extend its reach in two directions: industry-wise, and coin-wise.

We will be helping more industries such as gaming, entertainment, eCommerce, political and charitable organizations with tools to provide transparency in funding and communication.

To provide more liquidity and usability, Emc2Me will integrate more coins into the platform (BTC, New EMC2 Coin, BNB and more).

Once these other wallets are up and running our APIs, Weeee Cash and other applications will also seamlessly be able to use these other currencies.

If you are coin developer and would like your coin to be implemented into Emc2Me or other applications please contact us at developer@emc2.foundation

Lightning Network Image

Lightning Network

On August 29th EMC2 joined a family of only few coins that implemented Lightning Network. Einsteinium official Lightning nodes are deployed and active. This functionality enable instant payments across a network and provide a base for functionalities like Atomic Swaps to be added.

Client downloads and tutorial of how to set up an EMC2 Lightning node are available here.

We will continuously work to upgrade existing lightning network and release new apps and tools in order to bring closer this kind of fast payments to developers and our users.

EMC2 Lightning Network GUI wallet, explorer, EMC2 LN apps and many more are still to come.

More info →
Weeee Cash Image

Weeee Cash

Development of Weeee Cash for iOS has started.

New version of Weee Cash for both iOS and Android will bring new features and will have known bugs fixed.

More coins will be added BTC, BNB...

Click here to download previous version for free from Google Play.

Third short video showing Weeee Cash functionality is in editing.
This will be available at the end of the next week.
Meanwhile watch previous two videos on youtube:
Episode 1 - BUM!
Episode 2 - THE WEDDING

weeee.io →
Whales Club Image

Whales Club

Large holders will be given private access to a set of tools they can use to collaborate and communicate with one another. We highly respect our holders and this will be an exclusive area catering to their wishes. Whale Club members will have direct access to Einsteinium core team and their role will be highly influential in regard to the future progress of EMC2.

Einsteinium Awards Image

Einsteinium Awards

The previously announced Einsteinium Awards program is going as planned. Applications are being reviewed and the winner will be announced after September 15th.

Awards pages →

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