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New Strategy

Privacy and anonymity are key features and essential to our basic human rights when it comes to exchanging value. And there are plenty of great projects which are devoted to those causes.

However, we want to announce that we are moving in the opposite direction. Why? Because we believe that there should be ONE currency that is designed to be intentionally transparent, in order to eliminate corruption and create accountability where it is needed most: charity and politics.

We’ve seen the devastating toll clandestine fundraising has had on political systems, and we are also aware of the wastefulness that many charitable organizations are plagued with today. We believe that by implementing new features into the core of Einsteinium (EMC2), we can provide the world with a better solution to end these problems. And we are working on these large changes right now!

While EMC2 may not be a popular choice for those looking for a privacy coin, we are a unique solution in the crypto space as a currency promoting inclusive transparency.

And this is no small market.

According to givingusa.org, Americans alone donated an estimated $390 billion in 2017.

Additionally, billions are spent each year on political campaigns. The US presidential campaigns alone accounted for 2.38 billion in 2016.

At a $34 Million Market Cap as of today, Einsteinium has a tremendous opportunity to grow and usher in a new era of transparency and accountability in efforts to create a more fair and honest world.

We hope you will join us in this great cause. As a community coin, our “doors” are always open, and we encourage all of you and all those watching to get involved, whether as a member of the core team of volunteers, or simply by creating more awareness for what we are trying to accomplish.

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New Partnership - SnaPay Image

New Partnership - SnaPay

Furthering the cause, we are thrilled to announce a new partnership with SnaPay, a new mobile to mobile payments network out of Paris, France. SnaPay is designed to help the unbanked by placing a secure bank account inside the phones of millions of people who do not have access to traditional financial systems. While it may take some time for the SnaPay app to reach critical mass, we believe in their team’s ability to provide a great solution to this serious problem. In time, our collaboration may see significant benefits, as they plan to spend a portion of their proceeds to help generate further funding for the Foundation and its research grants.

For more information on SnaPay, you can visit their website

www.snapay.com →
Team Update Image

Team Update

We are happy to see our team growing.

Alex Micic - Board Member and Business Developer
Investment analysis professional with substantial consulting, strategy, corporate finance, business development and investment management experience focused on the Financial Services (Commercial and Investment Banking, Capital Markets, Mortgage Banking, Insurance), Real Estate, other industries and a variety of startups and innovative technologies including FinTech, Blockchain, Crypto Markets, etc. Specialties: Investment Analysis, Portfolio Management, Financial Services, Capital Markets, Investment Banking, Real Estate, Mortgage Banking, Insurance, Capital Raising, Crowdfunding, FinTech, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, etc.

Alexander Lucaci - Director of Scientific Affairs
Alex is a biologist and PhD student at Temple University with classroom education and real world practical experience. His track record demonstrates focus, a thirst for knowledge, and a commitment to scientific contribution and collaboration. He has a deep interest in the impact at the crossroads of science and crypto. He brings to the Einsteinium Foundation a scientific voice, perspective and accuracy.

Matija Mitic - Core Developer
Matija is a Computer Science graduate with a pratical experience in developing real business software products. His interest in blockchain began in 2017 when he started with training course powered by Einsteinium foundation which afterwards led him to take control of Einsteinium Core development. He is still in process of learning, and he will always be.

Bojan Stojcetovic - Creative Director
Director, actor, composer and songwriter. He graduated acting in Belgrade, and as an actor he has 50 performances behind. As a director, he made significant performances, and some of them are the most viewed comedies. His lyrics are played very often, and as a composer he left high impression in two movies, and several musicals. For 40 years, he had taken part in more than 100 projects.

Milan Kalinic - Ambassador
He graduated from the Department of Theatre, Film and Telivision Acting at the Faculty of Arts in Belgrade. He has appeared in more than 30 projects. He is considered one of the most popular tv hosts in the Balkans.

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Weeee Cash Image

Weeee Cash

Weeee Cash is the first in a series of EMC2 blockchain social network apps and a lite mobile wallet for EMC2 coins. The App (Weeee Cash) allows users to easily exchange items where each item has its price calculated in EMC2. For example, items are presented in form of stickers. It also allows easy, direct transfer of EMC2 coins, notifications, a map of stores where you can spend and buy coins nearby and more...

The Dev team is in the process of hiring two more engineers to focus on Cash app specifically releasing it for iOS and building new features like:

  • Chat / Messaging
  • Video calls
  • Social networks integration and login
  • BTC integration
  • Items to GPS location pick up

The Weeee Cash app is the first app in the Weeee series. Coming next are Weeee Run, and Weeee Lock and Key.

While we are preparing app for official release, you can still download and test beta version here:

Weeee.io →
EMC2 Algo change

Algo Change Update

The Coding effort to switch Einsteinium EMC2 algorithm from Scrypt to Ethash is done and the development team is doing final testing before releasing the code.

This is a major update, not only to the code and to the wallet, but also to the mining community. Therefore, in order to make a smooth and secure transition, the deployment will go in two phases:

  • Creation and release on Live Test Net – this means new coin in 1:1 ratio At some point in Q3 of 2018 EMC2 will fork into a new chain which will represent a live test net. The new chain will implement the new Algo. Funds are secured for listing the new chain on Cryptopia. All Einsteinians will get new coins in 1:1 ratio to EMC2 holding You are welcome to join our Telegram and recommend the name for the new chain As EMC2 is growing and gaining value, further plans are for all changes as well as platforms and application integrations to be implemented on the test net first.
  • Main net switch - Once the test net is up and running for 2 months with enough hash, EMC2 main net will announce switch on to the main net. This means that all holders and exchanges will have to update the wallet.

During 2017, EMC2 was attacked many times, particularly during each Wormhole event. We recognized early on the importance of taking further steps, in addition to removing the wormhole, to protect the chain by updating the core with a more decentralized and ASIC resistant Algo.

By allowing anyone to mine the coin using graphic cards and general PC hardware, the hash is spread and increased, which results in more security.

The effort that Einsteinium developers put behind this task, is the effort to increase protection against 51% attacks, as well as to provide a more inclusive design for our community.

Emc2me Image

The long awaited EMC2Me – code complete
Beta release date to be determined after final testing

In today’s world, many political organizations undermine our progress by creating division, and distrust. On the other side, cryptocurrencies have the power to unite by bringing people of different social, racial, and religious backgrounds together and to connect people in very different countries on real, functional level.

Interestingly, If you think about it, you will notice that while we are in conflict on Earth, people from all nations are working together in space!

Where do we all find a common language, share the same drives, and flow in the same direction trying to find answers to the same questions?


To support the ever dwindling budgets for scientific research, the EMC2 team is finalizing development of a crowdfunding platform and aiming for its release in begining of July.

Global Cell Med Image

Global Cell Med – project example

Global Cell Med USA (GCM) is a medical biotechnology company that is involved in the treatment of Type 1 diabetes in humans. Specifically focused on the diabetes treatment protocol created by Dr. Alejandro Mesples, M.D., an internationally recognized researcher in regenerative medicine who specializes in the treatment of diabetes and vascular diseases.

Funding is needed for the startup in a clinical trial in the U.S. and to cover expenses like doctor and staff salaries, medical and office supplies, and marketing programs to attract patients. If GCM is awarded the additional funding from the Foundation trust, GCM will use that money to create a fund to benefit diabetic patients that cannot afford treatment at its Bahamas Medical Clinic.

More about research →
EMC2 Lighting network Image

Lighting Network

As always, Einsteinium tends to keep up with all latest technologies and developments in crypto sphere. Since we recognize the lightning network as one of them, we recently started development of it for EMC2. It will enable fast transactions with minimal fees along with fraud protection.

Implementation of the Lightning network is separated in two tasks:

  • Updating Einsteinium core to meet all the requirements that the Lightning network demands.
  • Creating a Lightning network daemon for Einsteinium. In this process, developers are following the same principles that are used in existing Bitcoin implementation of the Lightning network.

We are trying to keep up with all news related with Lightning, so we can overcome any detected problems and reuse good solutions.

EMC2 Masternodes Image


Next in line after Algo change and LN is the examination and implementation of Masternodes functionality on top of the EMC2 blockchain. This will help strengthen the network even further by incentivizing proper validation of the network and rewarding those who support the growth of EMC2. While we don’t have any specific information regarding staking minimums, it is important to us that our community express their feelings on what the minimum should be. Please reach out to us to share your thoughts!

EMC2 Annual Awards Image


Open registration shall commence on June 15th, 2018 and end on August 15, 2018. The winner will be announced in mid-late September 2018. The official date of the awards ceremony is still to be determined, but shall take place in Los Angeles, California.

Applicants must be from a university or graduate studies program. Students and professors from all over the world are welcome to apply.

There will be an entry fee of 25 EMC2. This fee is designed to ensure that all applications are legitimate. 100% of these fees shall be awarded to prize recipients in addition to the Foundation's contribution.

Once all the submissions have been received, the EMC2 community will vote to select a winner. Anyone is allowed to vote by registering to the Awards contest website (coming soon) and paying a fee of 1 EMC2 to authenticate the voter as a valid EMC2 holder and to restrict multiple votes.

Applicants should contact us via email at: projects@emc2.foundation

EMC2 Annual Awards Image

Integration with Voxtel services continues as planned

Voxtel latest press release can be found on Yahoo Finance:
ATW is proud to announce, as part of its ongoing global partnership with the Einsteinium Foundation (“EMC2”) (refer to press release dated January 12, 2018) that the first phase of its implementation has been completed for the integration of blockchain technology into its various platforms, which include voting, gaming and fundraising. ATW Tech's subsidiary, Voxtel, has begun accepting the cryptocurrency as a payment solution on its unified payment platform.

Full press release →

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