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Weeee Cash - code complete

It’s not fun if it’s not social! Weeee.io is an EMC2 based social platform consisting of multiple mobile and web applications. The first in the series, ‘Weeee Cash’ code is complete and is in the testing/polishing phase.

Weeee.io is a social network app and lite mobile wallet for EMC2. The App allows users to easily exchange items where each item’s price is calculated in EMC2. Items are presented in the form of stickers. The App will also allow easy and direct transfer of EMC2 coins, notifications, and even a map of stores where you can spend and buy coins nearby! This is just the tip of the iceberg. The Weeee Cash platform will offer all of the above and much more.

Next to come are Weeee Party and Weeee Run.


ATW Tech, a publicly traded Canadian company, announces a partnership with Einsteinium Foundation (EMC2) for Its cryptocurrency.

Montreal, January 11, 2018 – ATW Tech (“AtmanCo” or the “Company”) (TSX-V: ATW) is proud to announce a global partnership with the Einsteinium Foundation (EMC2) for the launch of the Einsteinium currency billing by mobile phone.

In order to diversify its payment options, VoxTel, a subsidiary of ATW Tech, plans to implement EMC2 cryptocurrency in all its platforms such as mobile donations, social communities, messaging, gaming and voice services.

A 4-phase deployment plan will include the following steps:

  • Einsteinium will integrate Voxtel’s payment gateway in order to buy, exchange or transfer Einsteinium coins.
  • VoxTel and EMC2 will be implementing a mobile wallet, E-Wallet and voice wallet easily accessible for Voxtel users.
  • Peer to peer exchange for Einsteinium currency through Voxtel chat and gaming communities.
  • Build a path to Einsteinium convertibility into major currencies such as Canadian dollar, US dollar and Euro.
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Partnering with Maxeler

Einsteinium Foundation is making strong progress in continued dialogue with Maxeler Technologies. Steps are being taken by EMC2 engineers to assist this well known company in the computing power business, to tap into the mining market and to offer discounted prices for miners if purchased with EMC2 coin.


Dev update on other apps


  • Crowdfunding platform EMC2ME - the Einsteinium Foundation has assembled the right dev team and is pleased with the ongoing development progress. We are targeting a Q2 release. In conjunction with the development, Einsteinium foundation is working with researchers to identify viable content and projects for the initial launch.
  • eCommerce platform 4youEMC2 - 60% complete. We are looking to onboard new developers to continue the progress on this project.
  • Web Wallet and API - the development resources assigned to the project were helping with finalizing the Weeee backend and will continue with the development as Weeee is very close to its release.
  • Weeee Party - next mobile social app. Specs are drafted. We are working on flashing out details. Development starting after EMC2 birthday on March 1st.
  • Core development - We are happy with the great talent we recruited and they are now working on the algo switch. Most likely the new algo will be ETHash, but we will confirm when finalized.

Other projects in pipeline for Q3 and Q4.


Algo Change

EMC2 core team keeps working on Algo change, making EMC2 GPU friendly and Asic resistant. It is a huge task that requires a lot of analysis, development and testing, but with everyday persistence, the progress is certain. The details are yet to be published as we are switching between existing algos and their modifications. A considerable part of our final decision depends on our agreement with Maxeler Technologies. In addition, Lighting network vs Masternodes are also on the table for discussion.



EMC2 foundation members had the pleasure to attend the Crypto Funding Summit Conference held on Jan. 24th and 25th in the Los Angeles Convention Center.


Next in line are NAC3, BlockCon, Fintech World and Block2TheFuture.



Many magazines expressed interest in interviewing EMC2 team. With outgoing developments coming closer to releases we decided to have much more exposure in the media in the coming months.

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