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New Wallet 0.13.3

EMC2 version 0.13.2 is based on Bitcoin/Litcoin Core 0.13.2 and implements "SegWit". This new major release also includes new features, various bug fixes and performance improvements, as well as updated translations.

Notable changes:

  • Signature validation using libsecp256k1
  • Reduce upload traffic via the -maxuploadtarget parameter
  • Direct headers announcement
  • And many others
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SegWit Activated

On August 7 th , 2017 Einsteinium pushed out and successfully implemented a major update to EMC2. This update included Segwit activation, which enables EMC2 to fit more transactions into each block by removing certain non-essential data. This update required a major effort from our dedicated team and community. It prepares EMC2 for many exciting enhancements in the future.

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After a hot and busy summer bouncing between supporting exchanges with major node upgrades, the development team is back on track and working.

EMC2 API - 70% done. Interface is finalized and shared internally with other teams for consumption and integration.
Web Wallet - 65% done. This is an essential piece which will include receiving, storing and sending EMC2 from your browser, as well as many other functions not currently included with the standard desktop wallet.
Crowdfunding platform Emc2me development is split to 3 independent efforts, each presenting one milestone. Developers are presently finishing the first of these, which will provide members registration and project creation facilities.
eCommerce Platform: 4youEmc2 team has developed its first eCommerce platform, currently waiting for deployment and testing. The first version supports unlimited sellers and unlimited buyers, but only for fiat currencies. The Magento plugin, which will consume the EMC2 API, enabling any Magento store to easily implement EMC2 as a payment method, is in production but its release depends on API and Web Wallet finalization.
After finishing work on Magento the team will move to Woocomerc integration.
Mobile Wallets - 75% done. Developed, but waiting on API for integration.
The Super-Wallet will give us all the ability to buy EMC2 directly for fiat. Research is done, major partners are identified. Several coding parts are developed. Fully functional Web Wallet is prerequisite for this functionality.

Check our roadmap →
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First EMC2 based ICO

Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) will become the corporation of the future, owing to their total transparency, lack of bureaucracy and tight integration into other blockchain structures. By year’s end, the Aragon Network, a premier DAO development platform will go live with its flagship product, which, though currently in alpha, already looks very complete. Every new DAO created will face the same issue: not having a legal entity, it cannot establish a banking relationship, which means it cannot get its website and non-blockchain services hosted, as no cloud provider currently accepts crypto-currency payments.

This project will address that emerging market by providing Docker container hosting in exchange for any crypto-currency (currently investigating Shapeshift integration).

As the first project launched under the Emc2Me crowdfunding platform, this ICO will first be announced within, and offered exclusively to, the Einsteinium community, with a subsequent offering made in the bitcoin and ethereum markets. The tokens sold will carry both voting and economic participation rights, allowing token holders to benefit from the success of the project and are thus considered securities within certain jurisdictions. Consequently, the sale will not be offered to US citizens or residents.

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Einsteinium School of Engineering

At the end of June, EMC2 Foundation in cooperation with the 'IT Center' started the Einsteinium School of Engineering with the goal to extend its reach to young talent and recruit the best, by sharing the knowledge and providing guidance to the world of crypto, on an organized and institutional way.

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Belgrade Hakaton

The Einsteinium foundation is sponsoring a big blockchain hakaton in Belgrade for three days starting Friday, August 25th. Participants will compete by making proof-of- concept products based on blockchain technology within a 48 hour timelimit.

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New Article

Crypto: the issue of planetary adoption.

In his recent article Why Everyone Missed the Most Mind-Blowing Feature of Cryptocurrency, Daniel Jeffries makes the point that the true power of crypto-currency technologies lies in its ability to disintermediate the issuance and distribution of money i.e. to replace the 400 year old banking cartel that runs the world, and the attendant violence that keeps it in power...

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