Montreal, January 12, 2018 – ATW Tech (“AtmanCo” or the “Company” (TSX-V: ATW) is proud to announce a global partnership with the Einsteinium Foundation (EMC 2 ) for the launch of the Einsteinium currency billing by mobile phone. In order to diversify its payment options, Voxtel, a subsidiary of ATW Tech, plans to implement EMC2 cryptocurrency in all its platforms such as mobile donations, social communities, messaging, gaming and voice services.

A 4-phase deployment plan will include the following steps:

  1. Einsteinium will integrate Voxtel’s payment gateway in order to buy, exchange ortransfer Einsteinium coins.
  2. Voxtel and EMC2 will be implementing a mobile wallet, E-Wallet and voice wallet easily accessible for Voxtel users.
  3. Peer to peer exchange Einsteinium currency through Voxtel chat and gaming communities.
  4. Build a path to Einsteinium convertibility into major currencies such as Canadian dollar, US dollar and Euro.

Einsteinium cryptocurrency could provide Voxtel’s payment platform enormous autonomy from any carrier or regulator. This global partnership will be the insurance to reach wider audience and will simplify transactions between users.

"We are proud to integrate this very promising and well-known cryptocurrency to our global and unified payment solutions which already include voice billing, direct carrier billing, credit card and Interac. This would allow us offer turnkey payment solutions and expand our customer base."

said Michel Guay, President and founder of ATW Tech.

"We at EMC2 would like to thank our community for the tremendous support and Voxtel for the opportunity to be able to benefit from its users worldwide. After a year of hard work, we are very excited about the growth this will bring to both the Einsteinium Foundation and Voxtel billing integration as well as the adoption of crypto currency as a whole," 

said Jonathan Lauziere, Board member and Treasurer of EMC2.

Additional information regarding the Company is available on SEDAR. The TSX Venture Exchange and its Regulatory Services provider (as per meaning assigned to this term in TSX Venture Exchange’s policies) bear no liability as to the relevance or accuracy of this press release.

Einsteinium coin is a blockchain currency with a philanthropic goal of democratizing research funding. Scientific research is a long-term investment in our future, and the future of our planet. Funding around the world for the ‘big ideas’ has fallen dramatically in recent years. To reach a broader audience than just the crypto community, it is vital that EMC2 is openly traded on exchanges and used for purchasing goods and services to sustain research. Einsteinium should be easily available and accessible to as many people as possible to grow awareness and cultivate opportunities. There are no restrictions on which projects in which country are eligible, but they must have science involved working to push our understanding forward, and strive to build us a better, safer and more stable future.
In 2018, the Foundation is preparing release of crowdfunding platform which in combination with social mobile apps, online wallet, developers SDK, risk management, eCommerce and other platforms, will make science funding enjoyable and easy.

ATW Tech (‘AtmanCo’) (TSX-V: ATW) is a leader in information technology, owner of several web platforms including VoxTel, Québec Rencontres, VuduMobile, Atman and Bloomed. VoxTel offers various interactive landline and mobile carrier billing phone solutions. Quebec Rencontres is a web and mobile social network application catered to building serious and sustainable relationships. VuduMobile is specialized the text messaging business for enterprises through its unique, user-friendly and bilingual test messaging application et turnkey solution allowing management of text message management programs in all kind of businesses. Atman and its APIs enable companies to optimize their human capital. Bloomed is a cloud-based platform to manage data (smart data) on consumers and their behaviors, which is developed for marketing agencies and their campaigns for the consumer and corporate markets.


Clarification regarding 19th December announcement

We at EMC2 want to clarify the announcement. The most important part of our foundation is our community. We would like to clarify that the excitement about Apple, or NASA did not came from the team. We would push it as far as on one of our tweets saying “The announcement is not about Apple at this time” was responded to saying “How great would it be if it’s about Apple”. Needless to say we are sorry that you do not feel that the news was sufficient enough. We would also like to clarify the reason why we said the announcement was mind blowing. These are the reasons we felt it would be this important.


We are changing our mining algorithm. What does that mean for you? Instead of large ASIC companies leading the way with mining we have decided to give that feature back to the community by focusing on GPU systems. This way millions of people across the world in all walks of life can have the opportunity to be profitable with EMC2 instead of just waiting in line behind big business. This is your coin, we don’t want to count on any large mining operation to make sure we thrive. We see the value on making it possible for anyone from an early teen getting into crypto, to a retired adult to trying to earn income.  We truly believe in the “decentralized” concept and don’t want to just be another coin talking about it.

We have never been closer to our BTM partnerships and will be a leading coin in atm withdrawals in the near future. We believe that making EMC2 ready for mainstream adoption is more important than any in-house crypto release.

We are expanding our team to ensure EMC2 stays ahead of the curve in the future of crypto. We want to build a coin that will ensure a good future for our holders and investors and not turn into just another coin on the list. Being the coin leading the way in scientific research, a huge untapped industry, we felt that working on cold storage devices like ledger nano and things like master nodes will help ensure the future of our coin and benefit coin holders.


We also believe that everyone understands the future of cryptocurrency. By getting into the mining rig market now we believe it will also provide profits for our investors in the future and supply a name people can trust in the mining equipment market.

These are all the reasons that exchanges are excited about working with EMC2 and the things we feel like we need to get done to finalize contracts we have been working on with the big names that we all as a community want to see EMC2 working with.

Thank you for all the love and support and we will keep you updated as we advance. Because of the reaction we will never be pre announcing news again. We are proud to be one of the few coins to live up to their word on making the announcement and tried our best to make it sizable for the community. I hope we have helped clarify the reasons no one stands in EMC2’s way in the crypto market!! The next announcement will be direct to social media so keep your eyes on the channel for more to come!!!

Einsteinium Fork 2 Announcement – Algorithm Change


Einsteinium Foundation has decided to change the mining algorithm of our coin to make it ASIC resistant and GPU friendly. We are in the process now of partnering with a company to create miners and the new algorithm.

The decision was driven by two factors:

  • As a coin that supports scientific research, it is our responsibility to stay at the forefront of crypto technologies and to develop the best features from our core development team. The crypto space is changing and growing at a remarkable speed and we will continue to be leading pioneers.

  • We believe that all students of academia and science should be able to easily set up an EMC2 miner, enjoy and learn about mining, and save the coins to pay for their tuition/expenses, or just keep as a security for the future.

We want to spread the hash rate and unite developers and users to make EMC2 more accessible to people around the globe.  As mainstream acceptance of crypto-currencies grows on a daily basis, we realize that we also have to adjust and make our chain more accessible to everyone.

EMC2 Foundation  is  researching the implementation of master nodes that would come at the same release with the new Algo. Before a final decision is made, we would like to hear from all of you in our community. We value your feedback and would love to hear any suggestions or thoughts.  Let’s keep bitcointalk for general and light/fun discussions,  and let’s move coin features (starting with masternodes discussion) related topics to our custom EMC2 forum. Url will be posted shortly.

We are always on the lookout for new talent, so please drop us a line if you are interested in joining our team. Our development team has a high turnover rate as new developers are always coming in and out of the project. The positions fill up quick, so let us know if you think you can add to our growing team.

Business Development updates will be posted separately, here are highlights:

  • EMC2 is extremely active in the crypto space right now as we are in the process of working on more partnerships with other exchanges and businesses to further expand our foundation into more parts of the planet. Partnership with carriers through mobile payment gateway are first on our agenda.

  • We are working on partnerships with BTM companies to make EMC2 Coins available at ATMs for purchase in 2018!

  • We are working on cold storage devices like the Ledger Nano.

Happy Hollydays!

EMC2 Dev Team


Exchanges supporting the EMC2 FORK

Dear Einsteins,

We are happy to announce that Poloniex supported the EMC2 FORK, and they are now running new nodes (wallet version - Excalibur). Bittrex and others are already supporting it.
Most of you are aware of what this means to us and how important this event is for Einsteinium coin. If you have any questions feel free to ask us!

Happy FORK-ing!


FORK will occur on block 1699157. The date displayed on the poster is calculated based on current block and block time equivalent to 60’’.

Burn:  After the FORK, approximately 55 Million coins will be burned from the future supply. There will be half a million coins less per month added to the circulating supply. 

To precisely  track this event:

Please use Supernova or H2C pools.  Both pools were very prompt in updating wallets to Excalibur. We are grateful for their support!

The EMC2 Dev team is working on updating our roadmap. The initial draft will be available soon (next week). Project details will be available before the fork.

Wallet download:
Please update your wallet to latest version Excalibur -
Video tutorials of how to backup your keys and move coins to new wallet are recorded and will be published soon.

Newsletters are following.

We want to thank all exchanges and other partners for their support in upcoming fork.

EMC2 Dev Team