Exchanges supporting the EMC2 FORK

Dear Einsteins,

We are happy to announce that Poloniex supported the EMC2 FORK, and they are now running new nodes (wallet version - Excalibur). Bittrex and others are already supporting it.
Most of you are aware of what this means to us and how important this event is for Einsteinium coin. If you have any questions feel free to ask us!

Happy FORK-ing!


FORK will occur on block 1699157. The date displayed on the poster is calculated based on current block and block time equivalent to 60’’.

Burn:  After the FORK, approximately 55 Million coins will be burned from the future supply. There will be half a million coins less per month added to the circulating supply. 

To precisely  track this event:

Please use Supernova or H2C pools.  Both pools were very prompt in updating wallets to Excalibur. We are grateful for their support!

The EMC2 Dev team is working on updating our roadmap. The initial draft will be available soon (next week). Project details will be available before the fork.

Wallet download:
Please update your wallet to latest version Excalibur -
Video tutorials of how to backup your keys and move coins to new wallet are recorded and will be published soon.

Newsletters are following.

We want to thank all exchanges and other partners for their support in upcoming fork.

EMC2 Dev Team


New EMC2 wallet

This is an important message for all EMC2 users to take immediate action. Eintsteinium is currently transitioning to an all new blockchain via hardfork. It is vital to upgrade your wallet and store your coins on the new chain before December 7th. After this date, the old chain will no longer be supported. We appreciate all of the support from our community as we complete this necessary upgrade.

Check to download latest EMC2 wallet v0.13.48.0 - Excalibur.

For new users tutorials are coming. In meanwhile feel free to contact us for assistance if needed.

Einsteinium Team

EMC2 Hard Fork date set in stone

EMC2 has been ready for Hard Fork for more than two weeks now. But since we were trying to fork Wormhole out everyone had to update at the same epoche, in between two Wormholes.

We tried to do it sooner in two attempts, to loop with everyone involved, but in practice some businesses move faster than others, and such approach might appear as not what community wants. We have shown flexibility, it is time to show strong will.


So we decided to set Hard Fork date in stone, but to give enough time to the world to prepare. Here we are:

Target HF Block: 1699157

Approximate HF date: 2017/12/7


Please update your EMC2 nodes with our new code, that can be found on our official GitHub repo:


Branch: master_EMC2_HardFork (default)

Wallet version:

Pool operators, exchanges and other businesses are notified, and some already performed update.

Wallets will be available for download at the beginning of the next week.
Newsletters are at the door.

Team is focused now on EMC2 applications, and will give update on that in coming days.

Thank you for your patience,

Emc2 Dev Team

Update on EMC2 Hard Fork

Update on EMC2 HardFork

Coding is done - EMC2 hard Fork code (ver is ready and checked in our official GitHub repo:
Testing is done - new wallet ver passed all our test, both autmatad and manual.
Wallets (Windows and Mac) are built and ready to be published.

Communication with major players is active: 
Bittrex - confirmed immediate update and they are witing on our final signal.
H2C mining pool- confirmed update, waiting on our green light. 
Supernova mining pool - is informed, they did not respond back, but since they are long time EMC2 supporter we do not expect any issues.

Cryptopia - is responsive, no issues with them.
3rd party - serivces are informed and will follow.

Poloniex - We are in daily touch with Poloniex via Skype, and this is a big improvement since the summer.
We submitted wallet upgrade ticket and it is escalated to their wallet engineers.
We are waiting on response, and will post update as soon as we get.
They have to follow internal procedures.

IMPORTANT: Even code is ready and publicly available, please DO NOT UPGRADE nodes YET, till we sync completely with Poloniex. 

Thank you for patience, we are getting close.

EMC2 Dev Team

Wormhole October 8th

During this wormhole hash rate fluctuation may occur. In order to keep everything secured Einsteinium Foundation advised exchanges to either temporarily disable deposits and withdrawals or raise the confirmations threshold to 1200.

We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause.

We are still working hard for upcoming hard fork targeted on the block 1640530 which will occur approximately on October 25th.

EMC2 HF Statement

Code change that is removing Wormhole functionality and reducing total coin supply is ready for release.

This change is simple in terms of coding but complex in terms of testing and deployment.

As EMC2 coin is available on some of the biggest exchanges and 3rd party services, all of them must update during the same time frame.

We are working with them on defining a maintenance window for upgrade.

At the same time we are also doing extensive blockchain testing.

Final test results and confirmation from exchanges are needed before the final push.

We are getting very close release but the HF initially scheduled for October 6th must be rescheduled to insure network security and exchange synchronicity.

Next target is block 1640530 which will occur approximately on October 25th.
The countdown is coming.


We will share more information as soon as we can.


EMC2 Dev Team.