Lightning Network going live on Einsteinium


The lightning network is comprised of user-generated channels that send payments back and forth in a secure and trust-less fashion. Because the transactions are just between known parties and do not need to be broadcast to the whole network, they are almost instantaneous. And because there are no miners that need incentivizing, transaction fees are low or even non-existent. This will give EMC2 a significant advantage for those looking for the fastest transnational speeds and lowest fees in the crypto-space.

Emc2Me Update


We wanted to share a brief update on the progress of our crowdfunding platform. 

Emc2Me is a site which will enable students, and other scientific groups from all over the world an opportunity to share their ideas, create awareness, and raise funds (in the form of EMC2, of course!) for their projects.

This is one of our largest and most ambitions projects to date and we are proud to share that we are making some significant headway.

Here are the specific details from our technical team:

EMC2Me Progress update:

Researching EMC2 Crowd Founding Platform. - Done
Implementing user login and registration. - Done
Implementing "forgot password" mechanism. - Done
Implementing 2 factor authentication. - Done
Implementing user profile editing. - Done
Implementing user info on profile view. - Done
Implementing image and video upload mechanism. - Done
Implementing project preview component. - Done
Implementing Browse by Category component and projects list component. - Done
Implementing projects search. - Done
Implementing projects started list on user profile view. - Done
Implementing display of project cover image / video, information about project funding and short info about the project in overview tab on project view page. - Done
Implementing display of project budget in overview tab on project view page. - Done
Implementing display of project timeline in overview tab on project view page. - Done
Implementing display of project team members in overview tab on project view page. - Done

Implementing display of project details and attachments in project details and attachment tabs on project view page. - In progress
Implementing backing project in overview tab on project view page. - In progress
Implementing lab notes in lab notes tab on project view page. - In progress
Implementing discussion in discussion tab on project view page. - In progress
Implementing backed projects list on user profile view. - In progress
Implementing lab notes list on user profile view. - In progress
Implementing comments on user profile view. - In progress
Implementing project creation. - In progress
Implementing control panel for web site administration - In progress

Final testing.

That's all for now. We thank you for your continued support. As always, if you'd like to contribute to our cause (after all, we are a non-profit) Donations can be made using the following addresses:

EMC2: EQgarWNx3e9hrH3PmFXPWty2qWvprm53hN


-The Einsteinium Team

Weeee Update (v1.0.2)

Hey everyone!

Weeee v1.0.2 is now available for download at The new update includes the following fixes:

  • Resolved secured communication with server on Android 7.x causing "something went wrong on server" issue.
  • Better price calculation on item requests.
  • Improved profile editing.
  • Improved notification system on EMC2 depositing.
  • And few minor fixes.

We discovered a workaround for users with the 7.x version of Android OS. Now those users can register and use the app!

Thank you to all those who let us know about issues with the system. As this is still in beta, we are working on perfecting the system and your feedback is essential.

-The Einsteinium team



Weeee is the world’s first active blockchain P2P Mobile Wallet, Powered by EMC2. Send digital gifts and money to anyone in the world instantly.

The first release (for Android) is now available on

As a special thank you to our EMC2 community, the first 1000 Users to load their EMC2 wallets with 100 EMC2 or more will receive 10 free EMC2 coins! Don’t worry iPhone users, once the iOS version is complete, you get the same offer!



The Weeee app is intended to be used as a mobile wallet and therefore we recommend not transferring more EMC2 than you would carry on your person in your local currency. Our suggested maximum is 1000 EMC2, although there is no limit to the amount the wallet can contain.

As this is an initial release, there may be some issues and features that are not fully functional. If you encounter any problems, please don’t hesitate to reach out.



Thank you for all your continued support.



-The EMC2 team.



The first annual Einsteinium Awards!


Happy Birthday Albert Einstein!

In honor of this special day, we are proud to announce the first annual Einsteinium Awards!

Scientific research is a long-term investment in our future, and the future of our planet. Funding around the world has fallen dramatically in recent years and we hope to play a small part in reversing that trend.

The Details:

Open registration shall commence on May 15th, 2018 and end on August 15, 2018. The winner will be announced in mid-late September 2018. The official date of the awards ceremony is still to be determined, but shall take place in Los Angeles, California.

Applicants must be from a university or graduate studies program. Students and professors from all over the world are welcome to apply.

There will be an entry fee of 25 EMC2. This fee is designed to ensure that all applications are legitimate. 100% of these fees shall be awarded to prize recipients in addition to the Foundation's contribution.

Once all the submissions have been received, the EMC2 community will vote to select a winner. Anyone is allowed to vote by registering to the Awards contest website (coming soon) and paying a fee of 1 EMC2 to authenticate the voter as a valid EMC2 holder and to restrict multiple votes.

The prize for this year's award will be 100,000 EMC2 to be given as a grant to the most worthy scientific project.

Please check back closer to May 15th for registration and submission instructions. We look forward to hearing all of your great ideas for driving us forward into the future!