From PM-Tech to Miners

Hello fellow miners,

Some of you might have experienced some issues recently showing "bad pool luck" and connectivity issues. I have to report that most of them have been caused by myself because I was helping a valued member of our community to set up his EMC2 pool and there for having my devices dropping in and out frequently so some attack prevention kicked in. 
After recognising this I have of course stopped that behaviour and took the opportunity to add another step of security by adding more designated and isolated mining nodes to the server which are talking to the outside world via main and backup gateway wallets.

SSL Certificate expired today as well, it is renewed by the time of this writing.

Another VERY IMPORTANT thing needs to be published as well:

Early this week our official new wallet has gone public. It contains crucial security updates as well as new features. In order to get those activated, we need strong support from all miners. Not all pools are supporting those updates yet, the first one supporting was ours followed by Hash2Coins and the CWI pool. We are waiting for Suprnova and some unidentified miners now.
If you are mining SOLO or on any other pool, please kindly make sure to use the new wallet code. For pools this can be verified by checking a mined block on the blockchain explorer. If the block version is 2, the pool is using old code and there for preventing the security updates.

So long Happy Mining,