Talking to major exchanges continues - Donate and watch your coin grow.

After implementing KMD dPoW and making coin 51% attack and double spent resistant, several top exchanges expressed the interest in listing the coin. Some without applying any fees.

Market making and welcoming new members is still the job that we (all community members) should help with.

We are calling everyone to donate for that particular cause:

EMC2 to EcDNfF9PFX6zqceY1hTSDcMspyAyhqeow9 and

BTC to 1DZ8kP136TSA3or69iesvFgfDsycyHQseM

2% ~ 5% holding, wont make any difference to your balance,
but smartly spent 2%~5% on market making on major exchanges, for sure will.

Donate and watch your coin grow.